Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Kandern, Germany

World Venture, the mission organization we are currently doing our trip through, suggested that we take a few days and go down to Kandern, Germany. They wanted us to see what other World Venture missionaries are doing in this area and also to check out a school, Black Forest Academy, to gain a more complete picture of what's going on in this corner of the world for our vision trip.

Kandern housing and shops
The little "downtown" area of Kandern
Beautiful green hills and trees everywhere
The Black Forest
Lots of Sunflowers everywhere, too!
Black Forest Academy (BFA), the school World Venture wanted us to visit, is a Christian school providing an English language education to the children of international Christian workers and international business families for students in grades 5-12.   As the name suggests, it's located in the Black Forest region, which encompasses the southwest corner of Germany, in the picturesque village of Kandern. 

The front of Black Forest Academy
If BFA is looking for a mascot, I know a cutie!
We were able to spend some time with a missionary family who has worked at Black Forest Academy for thirteen years.  We enjoyed learning more about the area, the school, and how they support missionaries and minister to their children.  They told us that missionaries often leave the field because either 1) they are unable to get enough funding support to maintain their ministry abroad or 2) there isn't a good school option for the missionaries' children.  Black Forest Academy has helped provide a solution to the latter problem and, as a result, has been a major blessing for many missionary families serving in the area.  

Our new friends invited us to go to church with them at Black Forest Academy, followed by a typical German lunch. 

Church service (in English) at BFA
Outside of the German Restaurant we went to for lunch
This was taken outside of the German restaurant where
 we had schnitzel and noodles for lunch.
This Sound of Music fan girl is thrilled she
can add schnitzel and noodles to one of her favorite things!
We enjoyed our time in Kandern and seeing how God is working in this tiny town in Germany. 

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