Saturday, July 28, 2018

Levi Turns 5

On Wednesday, July 18, Levi turned FIVE! I can't believe it. 
He woke up in Strasbourg, France: 
Waiting for the Birthday Boy to wake up
He's 5! 
Most handsome 5 year old I've ever seen
Marigold "helping" him open his
tiny "suitcase friendly" presents 
Next up, we had lunch at Burger King.  You're probably thinking....Burger King?! Well, the reason for that is two fold.  First, he had it about a year ago for the first time and went crazy over it. I don't really know why, but he loved it.  Second, it was right next to the train station that we were headed to next.  So I call that a double triumph.
My 15 and 5 year old
After lunch, we made a mad dash to catch our train to Saint Louis, France.  This wasn't our final destination for the day, but this was the most economical way to get to where we needed to go next.
On the train
About an hour and fifteen minutes later, we arrived in Saint Louis, France.  Then we caught a bus to take us to the Basel Airport in Switzerland to get a rental car.  It was only about a mile away, but that means that's country #2 Levi got to hang out in for his 5th birthday.
Marigold and daddy on the bus 
In Basel, Switzerland renting a car
We got a car--a sweet black Fiat stationwagon.  Perhaps not the best car to cram two rented car seats into while having poor Ruslana fit in the middle, but she was a trooper and smooshed right in.
Marigold posing in Switzerland
See. Smooshed. But thankful they had car seats to rent!
We then drove from Basel, Switzerland to our final destination: Kandern, Germany.  The trip took about 30 minutes.  This was the first time we'd ever rented a car in a foreign country. It was a fun adventure. Because we declined all insurance, you can add: don't crash the rental car in a foreign country to that prayer list you've got going 😉(we are renting a car again in a week so just keep that prayer a goin'). The borders between France, Switzerland, and Germany are all so open you could almost miss that you're passing into another country if you aren't paying attention.  There's no passport check and virtually no security checks of any kind.
Excellent foreign country driver, I must add. 
We made it to Kandern, Germany! Country #3 for this birthday boy.  We stayed in an attic apartment owned by a very sweet German lady named Helga.  She had this little muffin with 5 candles in it for Levi's arrival. It was so very thoughtful.
Muffin cake for the 5 year old
After a busy travel day, we dropped our bags in our apartment and headed to the local public swimming pool.  Wow, was this place sweet! It had two large pools, a big waterslide, a playground, little splash area, a snack bar, and ping pong tables.  In other words, it's a kid's paradise. And we got in for free! Germany is cheap, and that's music to a budgeter's ears. 
Look at that slide! All 3 kids loved it.
Birthday boy swimming away
Happy Birthday to our outgoing, fun, kind, and loving five year old.  I know God has special plans for this one and look forward to seeing what they are.

And in case you're wondering what in the world we are doing in the small German town of Kandern, stay tuned for the next blog post! 


  1. To me, Kanderon = BFA? Maybe? Had lots of friends there as students and staff over the years!

    1. Ding, ding, ding! We definitely made a stop at BFA. Next blog post will tell you all about it!