Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Awaiting our train to Strasbourg, we explored Paris.  First we went to Luxembourg Gardens, a place that we've never visited before.  The weather was perfect--in the 70's--and the grounds were beautiful. 

It was "too sunny" hence worst picture ever. 
While Mark and I enjoyed looking at the gardens and the palace (which is now the residence of the French Senate), the kids were most excited about the playground in the Luxembourg Gardens.  And heck, I was too, because the French know how to do playgrounds.  And just like everything the French do, they even make them look pretty. 

See Ruslana all the way up at the top?

The carousel even had little sticks the kids could "joust"
with to get rings with while riding. 
After an attempt to wear the kids out (does that ever even work?), we had lunch at a Japanese Ramen place. It was so good and full of character. 
Poor Marigold, the Jetlag queen.
After lunch we went to the Musée d'Orsay. The art collection housed there is so impressive. 

 Such beautiful views of the Seine River across from the d'Orsay: 

At this moment we were basically sleep walking so we took a que from Marigold and went back to our Airbnb and crashed for a few hours. I know, I know, terrible time adjustment strategy.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! #noregrets

When we woke up we watched the World Cup France vs. Belgium soccer game.  It was SO fun watching it here.  While we were just watching it in our apartment, we could hear cheering all over the city.  Spoiler alert...France won and is going to the final round! To say there is excitement here is an understatement. People are cheering, blasting music (my favorite was hearing the American song "We are the Champions"), waving French flags from their balconies, honking, dancing (which we can see in everyone's apartments!), oh and my favorite, a firework shot off as soon as the game ended (at least I'm hoping that sound was a firework!).  I can't even imagine what will happen if they are crowned the World Cup champ next week! Here's some of the excitement going on in the city: 

First thing tomorrow morning we head to Strasbourg and meet with missionaries we've been corresponding with for over a year.  We are so excited to see first hand how God is working in this very unique city, and if we might play a part in His future work there.  Stay tuned! 

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