Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday in Strasbourg

Last Sunday, we had the privilege of going to church with the missionaries hosting us in Strasbourg.  As I mentioned before, the church is in the Krutenau neighborhood.  It's an evangelical church, in the charge of a French pastor (remember the video we posted before we left? Arnaud, in the video, is the pastor of this church) and there are about five different men who rotate teaching every week.  The church normally has about 100-120 people attend each week, which is considered a mega church in France. An average sized church in France has about 20-40 people attend each week, with some having as few as three people attending each week.
The church meets through those open doors
The attendance on this particular Sunday was lower than usual due to it meeting earlier in the day than usual and being on the same day as the World Cup (a lot of people go home to watch the game with their families, particularly because France was in the final game), but there was still a pretty good turn out.  We were able to meet more members of their church planting/outreach team and see what a church service in France is like.  We couldn't understand much, as the service was in French, but the members were friendly and welcoming, we recognized the music of some of the songs (which, let's be real, sounded way better in French because it's such a beautiful language to listen to!), and it was nice being in a community of believers.  Something that impressed me about the church (and in their team meetings) is the amount of time they spend in corporate prayer.  Here, prayer isn't rushed, and it isn't just delivered by the pastor, it's open for the whole church community to join in on.

During worship time
Can you see the French flag on the little kids cheeks?
Their Sunday school teacher made sure they were
ready for the big game just an hour away. 
After church, we went to our friends' house and watched the World Cup final match.  Spoiler alert--which shouldn't be too much of a spoiler unless you've been living under a rock for the last week--France won!  France is the world champion! It was so fun being here for it. People were so excited!! Flags flying, horns honking, fireworks shooting, singing and chanting...lots of excitement all day and all night!
We were told this is about the only time
France's patriotism comes out.
But boy did it come out!  
Excitement before the match--everyone walked
around with French flags.
Levi posing in front of our World Cup viewing.
At this point he had a French flag on each of his cheeks
as well as one on each arm!

We have really enjoyed spending time in Strasbourg.  We've gotten a great vision of the city and are praying how we can support the current missionaries and what our future role might be.

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