Sunday, August 5, 2018

Saint Louis

 On August 1st, we arrived in Saint Louis, France to meet up with our team for the California Dreamin' Camp, which teaches English to students using the Teach Beyond curriculum.
Marigold on the train on the way to Saint Louis.  
She asked for me to take these photos (all self posed, of course!)
For the last five days the team has been busy preparing for the camp, which starts tomorrow.  The team members have been finalizing their lesson plans, preparing activities, and taking part in team building activities. 

Here’s the team together in Basel, Switzerland, which is about a fifteen minute drive from Saint Louis: 

The camp is taking place at a church, La Bonne Nouvelle, in Saint Louis.  Here's the outside of the church: 

See Mark at the door? 
The church is actually situated behind this house.  The occupants of the house are the ones who planted this church years ago.
This is the house situated in front of the church.
You can see the church sign hanging from it.
We went to the Church’s service today, and really enjoyed it. About 70 people attended. It’s been neat experiencing church services throughout the region and expanding our mind on what a local church looks like. 
Church during worship time
During one part of the service, they asked a few of our team members to come up and share a time when God helped them make a decision. Mark shared when God called him from working as a practicing lawyer in Los Angeles to a full-time seminary student. I was a proud wife watching 😍. 
Mark spoke, and another Mark translated into French
After church, the congregation gathered for a potluck.  They brought some great food! There is so much value in the French tradition of gathering around a table, having conversation, and not being rushed. People were hanging out and talking two hours after the service ended.
Even the kids had their own fellowship. Too cute!
Levi and Marigold playing in the church driveway
For the next week, the team will have 12+ hour days—with tasks ranging from leading team devotionals, executing lesson plans and activities with the kids, preparing meals, and mentoring the kids at the camp.  Please pray for the teens' hearts at the camp to be softened, for them to have a desire to learn more about the gospel message, and to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

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