Thursday, August 2, 2018


A couple of days ago, we met with a missionary family (Ryan, Dana, and their six kids) in Versailles, France.  Versailles is about 45 minutes west of Paris, and home of the famous chateau/palace of Versailles, where all the kings of France lived up until the French revolution.  While it's a very beautiful city, it's dead spiritually.

Check out this video to see what Ryan and Dana are doing in this city:

We really enjoyed our time with Ryan, Dana, and their kids.  We were impressed seeing the work that they've accomplished in Versailles over the past eight years, and we learned a lot of valuable ministry lessons from them.  They're very intentional about building relationships and evangelizing everywhere they go, and they've come up with many unique ways to invite others into their home in order to share the gospel and the love of Christ.  Their creative thinking and passion for bringing others to God was exciting to see!

Dana, Ryan, Levi, Mark, Ruslana, Marigold, and Me
(Their 6 kids weren't in the picture but they were there,
much to our kids delight!)
Up next--our final stretch of the trip--teaching English at the California Dreamin' camp in Saint Louis, France! 

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